They wait for your help - FUTURE PROJECTS

This project is focused on the needy girl child on the streets or any child in distress. The main idea behind SAKHI is to make the girl child aware of their equal rights in the society. In our country the girl child is ignored right from childhood, especially in the economically backward classes. The general perception is that the girl child is only born to do household chores and give birth. SAKSHI is instituted to provide a future to the girl child and to give them what they want most, a home, lots of love and an atmosphere of security by “Building a strong path towards her future.”

It aims in providing home, love, care and security for the one who is deprived from all these by their beloved ones in their Old Age. Our future dream is constructing AASRA – A Home for Old ge people. We are planning to give them counselling and provide them with Learn and Earn without being depended on anyone else and Thus Giving a New start to their ending life.

We are going to introduce imparting computer education has the great role in modern times. By this we would impart computer literacy to all the less fortunate marginalised children of the weaker sections of our country.

Ashraya aims in buying a plot of land in the western suburbs of Mumbai i.e. towards Marve Road, Malad (W). It aims construction of 5 floors which includes rooms for Orphans, Destitute Children, Widows, Old Age Home, Reading room and Free Medical Aid centre with Meditation hall. The estimated project cost is about 5 crore. The trust is in urgent need of funds to complete the project as planned. Hence this appeal is to all Members and Donors with a request to support the venture wholeheartedly and generously. Once this project is completed, It would be possible to widen its welfare and social activities significantly to serve the society better.